Hawaii: Oahu Part Time Dispatcher

Company Name:
Envision Healthcare Corporation
Under the direction of the Dispatch Supervisor, the Dispatcher is responsible for, but not limited to receiving and processing requests for medical transportation, obtaining necessary information from agencies, facilities, the public and others requesting service, system status management application, dispatching, coordinating the appropriate personnel in response to service requests, processing requests by field crews for assistance, facilitating information flow between administrative staff and field personnel, and performing necessary clerical functions.
1. Monitor, update and control the location and movement of field units.
2. Receive incoming emergency and non-emergency calls and promptly ascertains proper levels of response; allocate resources to match dynamic system demands.
3. Monitor and document response times of units.
4. Investigate and report all response time exceptions.
5. Answer administrative calls and respond to administrative questions, request and dispatch medical support personnel. Complete and submit daily status reports, including response time exceptions and unusual incidents.
6. Maintain excellent knowledge of company and departmental policies, operating procedures and medical protocols.
7. Demonstrate extensive knowledge of all Communication Center equipment including telephones, radios, computers and tracking mechanisms.
8. Input data accurately and completely into the Computer Aided Dispatch system for all requests for service.
9. Demonstrate ability to successfully interrogate callers for incident location, patient medical information, and correct triage and classification of medical complaints.
10. Demonstrate efficient operations and extensive knowledge of all equipment including but not limited to communication consoles, radio system, recording system, paging system, and CAD system.
11. Application of system status management. Follow appropriately and consistently the Status plan and make appropriate recommendations for system enhancement.
12. Maintain a calm "atmosphere", non-emotional, professional tone throughout the Center and during all communications.
13. Assist responding units with routing instructions to scenes when necessary, relay efficiently and accurately utilizing all map resources.
14. Report failure of Communication Center equipment to the Dispatch Supervisor in a timely and appropriate manner.
15. Attend scheduled Dispatch meeting and training sessions.
16. Perform duties to ensure departmental mission, vision and goals are advanced.
17. Perform all other duties as assigned.
Indicates Essential Job Functions
1. Type 35 WPM with 98% accuracy, and be familiar with data entry.
2. Free from color blindness.
3. Hearing within normal limits.
4. Demonstrate map reading skills.
5. Possess strong communication skills.
6. Experience working with computers and data entry.
7. Ability to handle multiple tasks.
8. Ability to demonstrate accurate listening skills.
9. Current CPR certification.
10. EMD certification if working in an EMD provider center.
1. Prior dispatch experience with demonstrated proficiency in medical dispatch protocols, computerized dispatch systems, radio communications and disaster procedures.
2. Ability to perform in a high stress environment.
3. EMD Certification.
4. Experience or college coursework in medical terminology

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