Hawaii: Oahu Per Diem Critical Care Nurse

Job Summary:

Utilizes the nursing process to independently deliver nursing care to all ill and/or injured patients during Critical Care ground transportation.

Supervision Received:

The Critical Care Transport RN (CCT-RN) will work under Medical direction of the Medical Director, and under the supervision of the Critical Care Transport Coordinator and Management Team.


1.     Provide patient care in a ground transport in accordance with established standards of care. Utilizing the nursing process and AMR Policy/Procedures under the direction of the Medical Director.

2.     Direct patient care utilizing the nursing process and  AMR Policy/Procedures

3.     Documents patient care completely and concisely, maintaining confidentiality of patients records according to HIPPA standards.

4.     Must attend 90% of scheduled staff meetings.

5.     Professional Development.

a.     Maintains proficiency in clinical skills specific to critical care transport nursing

                                      i.        Oral intubation

                                     ii.        Nasal intubation

                                    iii.        Esophageal airway

                                    iv.        Selleck Maneuver

                                     v.        Needle thoracotomy

                                    vi.        Cardioversion

                                   vii.        Defibrillation

                                  viii.        Peripheral IV insertion/ Intraosseous insertion (EZ-IO)

                                    ix.        Nasogastric insertion.

                                     x.        Recognizes own strengths and weaknesses and seeks help from appropriate sources.

6.     Participates in AMR committees as directed by the Critical Care Transport Coordinator.

7.     Participates in Continuous Quality Improvement/Peer Review projects and studies.

8.     Keeps current on new medical developments in critical care by reading professional journals, textbooks, completing required modules and working in critical care areas.

9.     Excellent communication and inter-personal skills are essential to the successful completion of a mission.

Advanced Clinical Skills:

After the completion of orientation, training and evaluation by the Medical Director, Critical Care Transport Coordinator and/or Education Coordinator, the CCT-RN will be capable of providing advance life support and emergency procedures when necessary to patients in their care.  All medication administration and procedures are to be performed according to AMR policies/procedures.

These skills include:  ECG interpretation, ACLS and PALS  procedures, Cardioversion  & Defibrillation, Airway management, including use of oral and nasal airway, BVM,  endotrachial intubation, use of Combi-tube, and appropriate use of Oxygen therapy, Needle thoracotomy in the event of tension pneumothorax, Intraosseous insertion IV fluid management and IV Continuous medication infusion management, EZ-IO.


The CCT-RN is responsible for the knowledge of all medications a patient receives. 

If a drug is unfamiliar to the CCT-RN; he/she will utilize all possible resources including “Epocrates” on the “PDA” or the Medical Director to obtain necessary information needed for safe administration.  The CCT-RN must have a thorough knowledge of all types of medication including, but not limited to:

1.     Analgesics                                     15.       Bronchodilators

2.     Anesthetics                                               16.       Central Nervous System Stimulants

3.     Anti-anxiety medications                          17.       Diuretics

4.     Antibiotics                                                  18.       Gastrointestinal Medications

5.     Anticholenergics                                       19.       Hormones

6.     Anticoagulants                                          20.       Hypnotics

7.     Anti-convulsant                                         21.       Muscle Relaxants

8.     Anti-depressants                                       22.       Ophthalmic Medications

9.     Anti-dysrythmics                                       23.       Pituitary Medications

10.   Antifungal                                                  24.       Psychotherapeutics

11.   Anti-parasitic                                             25.       Sedatives

12.   Anti-psychotics                                         26.       Serums

13.   Antihypertensive                                       27.       Vaccines

14.   Anti-inflammatory medication (including NSAIDS)


1.     Identifies and assists in the development of appropriate research projects, assists in data collection through involvement with AMR  research program.


1.     Maintains a customer service attitude.

2.     Participates in marketing activities of AMR.

3.     Maintains a professional appearance/demeanor at all times.

4.     Promotes harmonious working relationships within AMR and with AMR referral sources.


1.     Actively supports the mission of AMR.

2.     Promotes and creates a positive team spirit. Subscribe to the AMR  standards of care.

3.     Actively participates in local and national professional organizations.

4.     Promotes positive community relations using appropriate interpersonal skills.

Professional Conduct: It is expected the Critical Care Transport RN:

  • Demonstrate behavior that reflects integrity, supports objectivity, and fosters trust.

  • Provide care without discrimination and, with respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals.

  • Comply with all state and federal laws, especially those which govern and relate to your Professional Practice Act.

  • Avoid any form of conduct that creates a conflict of interest, and shall follow the principles of ethical business behavior.

  • Actively maintain and continually improve professional competence, and represent it accurately.

  • Perform only those procedures or functions in which you are individually competent and which are within the scope of accepted and reasonable practice.

  • Respect and protect the legal and personal rights of patients you care for, including the right to informed consent and refusal of treatment.

  • No confidential information shall be divulged pertaining to AMR, its employees, practices, vendors, clients, patient or family, unless disclosure is required for responsible performance of duty, or required by law.

  • Will not discriminate against other co-workers, patients, families or any person whom you come in professional contact with, based on age, race, gender, religion, cultural differences or sexual orientation. 

  • Will report any and all issues pertaining to personnel, such as, but not limited to, benefits, illness, discrimination, sexual harassment or safety concerns brought to your attention should be reported to your imitate supervisor, management team or the Director of Human Resources.

Minimum Qualifications/Credentials

Three (3) years demonstrated clinical expertise as a Registered Nurse in a critical care area.
Previous experience as a flight nurse or in a ground transport environment is highly desirable.
Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing
B.S.N preferred, but not required
Licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state in which they are based.
Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) required upon employment and
recertification as required
TNATC or equivalent course (PHTLS, ITLS, ATLS), within 1 (one) year of employment.
Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN), Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) are highly
desirable. There is a requirement to obtain one of the above certifications with 1 year of hire.
Continuing Education:
Must attend all required and complete all annual training requirements.
Maintain all required certifications.
Must attend all required Training and maintain require certifications.
Physical Requirements:
Weight proportionate to height.
Able to lift using proper body mechanics. Activities may include:
Lifting patients and equipment weighing up to 400 pounds in and out of aircraft with assistance.
Carrying medical equipment appropriate to transport.

Driving record in compliance with AMR policy regarding insurability.
May need to perform CPR for up to 1 hour without assistance.


Don't Be Fooled

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